Sunday, 9 January 2011

Plum Pudding Hot, Plum Pudding Cold-September Plums plucked under the drunken wasps noses

At the end of the summer we return from Whitby to the plum trees groaning under the wieght of ripe plums. Since we have lived here we have yet to experience a poor year for plums, if one tree struggles, the other flourishes, this year it was turn of the self set greengages, though we still picked over 40lb of red plums vaiation of the victorian plum.

2lb Red Plums
1lb Greengage Plums
4oz plain flour
4oz porridge oats
6oz brown sugar
3oz butter

Wash, half the red plum and stone the plums. Wash the greengages plums, if you have time stone the plums, but greengages are small and it is a fiddlely job. Place the plums into large dish, (I am fortunate to have two very large round glazed stoneware pate dishes), sprinkle 1oz sugar over the fruit.

In a mixing bowl place all the other ingredients, rub the fat into the sugar, flour and oats. When the mix looks likes breadcrumbs speard over the fruit. Bake in low heat oven, gas mark 3oz for 3/4hr-1hr.

Serve with vanilla ice cream, cream or custard.

Delicious hot, but equally delicious the following day cold.

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